Monday, August 21, 2017

Heijunka Game

This is an advanced Lean game, that enables users to extend their knowledge beyond basic Lean games such as the Buckingham Lean Game, sticklebrick games, and kanban games.

The game is an ideal way to learn future state value stream mapping considerations, including showing heijunka and kanban loops, cell design and batch considerations. The game focuses on scheduling aspects, flow and inventory reduction rather than on layout, poor delivery and basic wastes that are features of basic Lean games. Heijunka principles are a particular feature enabling players to go through many of the requirements of setting up a full heijunka system - including heijunka box, batch box, supermarkets, buffer and safety stock, pitch increments, production and move kanbans, the runner system, pacemaker, mixed model scheduling, lean batch sizing, cell design, and FIFO lanes. Dramatic layout changes and staff reduction is NOT emphasized, but inventory and lead time drop dramatically and visibility and problem solving improve. The standard game takes place over three rounds moving from an excellent MRP-type system to a full heijunka system. The game is specifically oriented towards learning to create a future state value stream map. Templates for these are provided.

The game is supported by slides that can assist in learning the specifics of heijunka, batch box, mixed model and others and how to map these aspects. A separate set of games is included to learn the principles of cell design and the issues surrounding various alternative ways of setting up cells. These games can be separately or in conjunction with the main game. A full main game takes around 5 hours for between 8 and 18 players. If mapping and cell design is also to be learned, the various activities can extend to a full day.

The full kit is recommended, due to quite large quantities of Lego and Duplo that may be difficult to obtain. It is supplied with lego, duplo, boxes, timers, heijunka slot board, batch box, Powerpoint instruction slides, laminated player cards, kanban cards (production, transport, and signal types), powerpoint-based time control, handouts, and illustrations.

Based on a local authority housing system which can be adopted for many break-fix service systems. The game illustrates value and failure demand and service mapping. Over two or three rounds players reduce lead time and improve service quality. The game includes the interface between office systems and field operations.

The game is supplied with materials and data files. It can be run with between 8 and 18 players and takes approximately four hours if all rounds are played. The game is a excellent practical illustration of principles dicussed in The Lean Toolbox for Service Systems.

Price: £700 (Documentation only price: £250) exc VAT

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